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Snowdrops are here! Which can only mean one thing – the end of winter is in sight! I can’t wait for spring and the summer, and it feels like we’re on the way there!



I took this photo a few weeks ago, and found it again today while I was clearing out my memory card! I did some editing to it, most of the techniques I’ve done before but it was the first time I put everything together into one photo and did so much editing to it! This was the original photo:


I immediately knew that I wanted to remove the telephone pole that was at the front of the photo, as I thought it was too distracting from the overall image! I also removed the bus stop sign at the bottom, and the for sale sign too. This is what I ended up with:


After I removed the telephone pole, I thought it would be fine but my eye kept being drawn to the streetlight! So I decided to get rid of that too.


Much better! Then I adjusted the colours, and removed a postbox and another little thing at the bottom. I also saw a few other little bits that needed adjusting – I noticed that you could still see part of the telephone wire, so I got rid of that too and ended up with this:


Which I was more than happy with! It took me quite a while, but as I say it’s the first time I’ve done quite so much editing to a photo, especially with removing whole elements!

This is what happens when you’ve been out of full time education for the past six years. You try and keep up with the young, fresh faced 18 year olds but in reality you get back to the house at 4:30pm and sleep. Just sleep.

Just let me sleep...

And it’s only day two!


My favourite photo, can you tell??